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Video Games and Slot Games

Since 2004, Dagmusic is honored to have worked together with the following companies: Capcom, Konami Entertainment, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Grasshopper Manufacture, Sega, Square Enix, Arc System Works.


Dagmusic provides services including musical and lyrical composition/arrangement for many famous titles as well as narrators, voice actors and singers. 


We offer our clients foreign composers who can produce unique works or artists with talents that are hard to find in Japan. We make it possible for them to create an exceptional, world class productions.


Dagmusic’s Founder and President, Donna Burke, is famous in the industry for her singing work on such titles as the Metal Gear series, God Eater, and Tokyo Ghoul √A. She has also done voice acting work for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, providing the voice for iDroid


Recently, we are also working on an increasing number of VR and mobile app game projects for Japan and worldwide.


Services rendered: Composing, Writing Lyrics, Arrangement. Booking and casting of singers, voice actors, and narrators. In-house recording and editing/post-production.


As the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games draw closer and Japan continues to globalize, Dagmusic is managing projects developing English language learning materials. We are pleased to have worked with such well-known companies as Tokyo Shoseki, Gakken, and NHK Educational. 


Most of the recordings produced by Dagmusic for educational materials are recorded at Dagmusic’s own studio in Roppongi.


We provide a wide range of services, from something as simple as the booking of a narrator, to projects over many months creating/recording/editing songs from scratch.


Members of our staff have experience teaching English, in Australia, the UK, the USA and in Japan. We provide valuable native level check support and the advice our clients need for correct and quality productions


Services rendered: Booking of narrators, voice actors, and singers. Translation of scripts, English script check, rewrite, native English director. Music composition, lyrical composition, arrangement, and in-house recording and editing/post-production.

Corporate Communications

As globalization continues to spread across the world, many Japanese companies are seeking to localize their businesses abroad to enter foreign markets and answer the needs of their customers. We will strive to support you and fulfill your corporate communications needs in the English-speaking world.


Dagmusic provides English narration in such accents as US American, British, and Australian for corporate video, presentation materials, internal training videos, and more. We also provide singers, sound logo creation, script translation and rewriting services.


Services Rendered: Booking of narrators and singers. In-house recording and editing/post-production. Sound logo creation. Translation and translation check/revision.


Sound Logo

​Composer: Kansei

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Every week, Dagmusic coordinates recording sessions for singers and announcers for various commercial production companies. Dagmusic originally got its start as a booking company for singers, and has maintained good relations with many celebrated producers over the years.


Dagmusic works with singers and voice talents who are industry veterans, and many of our clients will place repeat requests for these artists. At the same time, Dagmusic is always securing new talent, helping our clients stay fresh with the latest vocalists in town.


Most Dagmusic artists are native English speakers but we also provide voice actors, narrators and singers for other languages, including French, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, and German.


Many of our singers also have a talent for writing lyrics. Because our President Donna Burke is also famous for her work as a lyricist, it is even possible for us to fulfill the lyrical composition needs of clients working with a limited amount of time.


Services Rendered: Booking of singers, narrators, and voice actors. Lyrical composition, studio recording and editing/post-production.


"Hyoujou Project - Senden" (2017)

Featured Vocalist: Kate B

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Events succeed with great entertainment. Dagmusic is happy to source and book talented singers, musicians, and performers to make your event memorable and exciting. Dagmusic provides talent for corporate parties, wedding parties and Opening ceremonies.


We not only offer solo singers and musicians, but also bands, jazz trios, quartets, bilingual MCs and moderators


Please tell us your target audience, genre, and budget and we will give you a range of options to suit you.


Services rendered: Event performers & MC booking, PA booking, sound and video booking

Overseas Projects

In 2016, Dagmusic started a new Japanese voice actors booking service called JVT (Japan Voice Talent) for clients in Tokyo and overseas clients from France, Sweden, Spain and Hong Kong.


We cast Japanese narrators, voice actors and directors and provide a bilingual studio attendant so that overseas clients can listen remotely and give direction on the spot.


Services Rendered: Casting Narrators and Voice Acting. Recording and editing in our own studio​.


Dagmusic strives to answer all your needs and requests. We can also coordinate vocal coaches and casts for TV commercial and music. Contact us for consultations!

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